OMS Team Leader, Shane Carpenter

At the young age of 10 Shane was searching for his Uncle’s dog “Sam” when he began to get a weird vibe as if he was being watched.  Within minutes he had his first encounter at thirty feet from what he now believes to be a juvenile Sasquatch.  That took place in 1984 near West Plains, Missouri which is nestled in the middle of the big woods of the Mark Twain National Forest system. That experience was so overwhelming it was locked into the depths of his mind until 2013 when on a family hike and that familiar vibe resurfaced.  Without alerting his family he stepped off trail and confirmed what he already knew when four heads appeared peeking over a log at his family.  Reading the grave look in Shane’s face, his wife didn’t argue when he suddenly said it was time to start the boys on that two mile return trek back to the car.

This second encounter started a new chapter in Shane’s life as he developed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge on the Ozark Mountain Sasquatch.  Ultimately this became an endeavor seeking the truth as objectively as possible focusing on hard “data driven” facts based on his personal discoveries.  These discoveries included vocalizations, tracks, odd structures and even more sightings.  As time went on he began to invite others to witness and confirm these findings, all the while filming as he went.  With more experience came better techniques tuning into active areas and equally important a team developed that was equally dedicated to fact finding and with this Ozark Mountain Sasquatch had been formed.

In addition to the Ozark Mountain Sasquatch YouTube channel you can find interviews of Shane on many different podcast, channels and even an online magazine including:

The Men’s Journal Magazine
Gary Spikes, Jr’s Poorboys Paranormal Podcast (P3)
Mark Newbill’s (Sawdust Beast) Beast TV
Kerry Arnold’s Bigfoot Odyssey

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