Ozark Mountain Sasquatch was formed to track and study an upright, bipedal, hair covered hominoid living in the Ozarks known as Sasquatch/Bigfoot. Our founding members have personally seen and experienced them in the Ozarks regions of Missouri, Arkansas and SE Oklahoma.

While we find the debate of their existence pointless to discuss, we understand the frustration and doubts of those who cannot fully accept what we know to be true. Our goal is to eventually garner enough evidence and proof satisfactory for science using non-lethal tactics through long term, up close and personal as well as consistent interaction.

OMS is very fortunate to have an opportunity to study the same area year after year!  This is due to our access onto a private sector that comprises 400 acres of prime backwoods within the Ozark hills of Missouri.  The 400 as it’s called, embraces what we believe to be a Bigfoot family unit with no less than four individual’s which are giving us a revealing history uncovering more secrets than we ever expected.

Some of this is documented on our YouTube channel called Ozark Mountain Sasquatch as well as our documentary called “Into The 400”Be sure to check out those sources to learn more and stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!


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