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Ozark Mountain Sasquatch has graciously permitted the publishing of my sasquatch related science papers in this dedicated portion of their website.  I am much appreciative.

The purpose of these presented science papers is to bring education, enlightenment and the correct interpretation of evidence to those interested in the sasquatch subject.  They are intended to provide increased wisdom, insight and understanding regarding the sasquatch species.  In so doing, these papers will likely include criticism and/or correction of previously misinterpreted evidence, as well as the application of primate science to documented sasquatch evidence.  Also presented will be sasquatch subject matter which has not previously been identified or discussed.  

In writing science papers about sasquatches, it is biologically and thus scientifically necessary that man’s current knowledge of human and nonhuman primates be analyzed and applied to the documented evidence of these primates.  Only in so doing can we deduce by reasoning whether sasquatches are a North American ape species (as one anthropologist has claimed) or whether they are a human species as significant evidence indicates.

Documented evidence includes audio recordings, video recordings, footprint and track way evidence, and recorded documentation of articulated speech or language.  These papers do not include biased conjecture and/or speculation. Where the comments of other scientists are quoted, full credit is given by name and in references.  Such quotes are intended to comply with the fair use of any copyrighted material as codified in Section 7 of the Copyright Act. 

The below special note expresses some of my reasons for researching and writing about the sasquatch subject.

Special Note: This science paper differs in that it is not published by an association or a scientific journal.  This is because writers and publishers of traditional science papers have yet to accept the reality that a sasquatch is an extant unclassified primate.  The majority of traditional anthropologists are still not ready to accept the true nature of or the potential classification of these human-like primates.  Regarding the scientific identification of sasquatches, participating academic scientists as well as laymen researchers must first correctly interpret sasquatch evidence.  As to scientific objectivity, certainly no evidence should be ignored because of any scientific or personal bias.  As well, those chosen to perform peer reviews of academic science papers must have knowledge of the sasquatch subject.  For example, an earlier science paper (in which a sasquatch trackway was assigned a nomenclature) was reviewed by dinosaur track scientists. 

Religious Theology and Sasquatch

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