OMS Team Member, John Morley

John grew up in the woods of Northeast Texas, where he had a great interest and love for wildlife, the environment and nature. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with B.S. in biology and a minor in geology, later completing his requirements for Master of Arts in Communications and Human Relations.

In December 1962 John joined the United States Air Force and served in both staff and command positions. He served in the USAF Security Service, an intelligence command, for twelve years. Two years were with the command’s Inspector General Office. In that capacity, he was sent to inspect units in England, Germany, Greece, Crete, Turkey, Italy, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and select bases in the United States. His last position was Director of Administration at Lackland AFB, where he was twice chosen as the Senior Administration Officer of the year for the entire United States Air Force. He retired after 21 plus years with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

John worked in the private sector until his complete retirement in 2003. In 2005 he began Sasquatch research virtually full time. He joined a Texas based research organization in 2006 and was appointed a regional director responsible for the investigation of sighting reports in 20 counties of Northeast Texas.

In 2007 he began an analysis of the scientific characteristics by which apes and humans are identified and classified and with its conclusion he resigned in 2008 from Texas organization because of their failure to recognize the evident biological nature of Sasquatch.

John has conducted field research on both public and private land in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. His research includes the application of science to the morphology and the evidence of the primates we know as sasquatches. His science papers have been published on the Sasquatch Canada website where he is referred to as their resident scientist.

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