OMS Team Member, Gary Shooty


I am the webmaster of the OMS website as well as the media guy.  While I have been on the “400”, my work for Ozark Mountain Sasquatch is mostly done at home on the computer.  However, before I ever stepped foot on the 400, I felt as though I’ve been there many times after viewing the scores of files and footage that I reviewed and analyzed!

In 2011 I received my associates in Computer Information Systems with Summa Cum Laude honors and from that developed Shooty’s Graphix, my web and graphic business. I’ve also developed a skill set with graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Corel Video Studio all of which comes in handy when analyzing Bigfoot footage and has been utilized for the 400!

I believe myself to be an accomplished woodsman as I’ve spent a large part of my life in the woods. I was raised in a farming environment and in the woods early at five or six years old, exploring and even trekking a mile through the woods to grandma and grandpas who’s property adjoined ours.  Later in life during the 70’s-90’s I often made a 30 minute drive to my cousins who had 500 acres to hunt and fish on.  I didn’t really think about Bigfoot and do not remember seeing any structures or sign that such a critter even existed in the area. I also can’t remember hearing of nor watching the Patterson Gimlin film, at least in the early days, but I do remember Mo Mo, the Missouri Bigfoot and the Legend of Boggy Creek!

It wasn’t until YouTube came about that both my wife and I became interested in Bigfoot! There wasn’t much early on to cure my unappeasable interest, but it was enough to eventually inspire me to build a website to index the maze of Bigfoot links into what became the Show Me Bigfoot website.  With this I reached another level of “Arm Chair Bigfooting” and you can bet Ozark Mountain Sasquatch was on my radar during this time and I reached out to Shane Carpenter.

Mind you, the biggest reason for doing any of this was to assess if Bigfoot was in fact real and by this time I was hitting near 80% believing… until I talked to Shane.  It didn’t take long after our first conversation to realize these things were absolutely 100% living, breathing creatures!



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